Healing can begin as soon as someone cares.

A happy artist with their work in the studio

Our goal is to help people who are enduring poor mental health to live a full life. We work alongside people affected by depression, anxiety and those at risk of suicide. We enable people to develop emotional resilience and coping strategies and, when ready, to embark upon a personal journey towards recovery. Whatever that may mean to each person.

How we do what we do.

Smiling lady showing her painting

We believe that any intervention should be genuine and timely. We achieve our aims by providing group art therapy sessions and one to one support at our ‘Open Art Surgery’ in Gilesgate, Durham. We provide people with the opportunity for creative expression and to be part of a safe, supportive community. Here is one pals reflection on attending RTProjects sessions. "RT Projects is a wonderful place run by amazing people. A safe place to go when you have mental health problems or are feeling isolated in the community, somewhere to relax and be yourself without having to put a brave face on how you may be feeling. I've been going to RT for several years now and I know if i hadn't been going here and getting the help and support by all that run this place, I probably wouldn't be here today. I love RT ?"

Our history

A man studying a stained glass window he has made.

Created in 2009 by people with lived experience of mental health struggles who found a way out and now want to help others on thier journey.The reward is hearing people say thing like this. "Thank you to RT Projects for being a beacon in the darkness. You have shown me how arts and crafts can be life changing and lifesaving. I have surprised myself how creative I can be … this gives me hope for the future. I am often in mental torture and I’ve found art and crafts give me a welcome distraction and keeps me in the present moment. "




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