Volunteering with RTProjects is a fantastic opportunity to do something meaningful.

An elderly woman is assisted by a younger woman

Would you like to be a part of something special? Do you get pleasure from helping others? Want to develop your skills? RTProjects can offer you the experience of your life. Laughter, tears, smiles, hugs and a chuggy feeling when you go to sleep knowing that you have helped someone in some way.

How can you help?

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Our whole delivery is genuinely person centred. That includes volunteering. We won't tell you what to do but we will ask you "What can you do?" and "What do you enjoy doing?" The range of tasks is vast and continually changing. Art & Craft. Supporting people, usually by just listening. Cleaning art materials. Research. Fundraising. Admin. Make tea. Smile. Wash the dishes. Make posters.....If you have ideas how you could help please let us know.

Words from an RTProjects volunteer

Person in bannana costume at RTTS event

"Volunteering at RT Projects was life changing! I met some incredible people and learned so much about mental health and working with vulnerable people. I have gone on to use these skills every day working in prisons. I felt invested in by RTProjects and Beano and Emma, who helped me on a personal level to develop my skills. Volunteering at RTProjects also gave me an escape from the pressures of University life- exams, essays and friendship groups, and contributed towards my positive mental health during that time! The experiences I gained at RT Projects also definitely contributed to me getting a job when leaving University and making me employable." Hannah.




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