Never Give Up

'Never Give Up' is RTProjects suicide prevention project. We need to talk about suicide. As a nation. As a community. As a friend. As a fellow human. We may never know if our conversation has actually saved a life but we do know that it might.

'Never Give Up' The Song

Beano and Steve Pledger performing 'Never Give Up' at The Open Art Surgery.

'NEVER GIVE UP' was written from Beano's own experience of suicidal thoughts. He feels the words could have 'saved' him in his darkest moments. He believes that the words can give hope to others. That the song can 'reach out' to those who may be going through a tough time. "Beano's words were given wings" by the wonderful Steve Pledger. Working in synergy the pair have created something special. Something that captures the very essence of what it is to be human. You can help, by getting the song to as many people as you can. The more people that hear it the higher the chance of saving a life.

'Never Give Up' The T-Shirt

A black Tshirt with the words Never Give Up written on it

You could look supercool in a 'Never Give Up' T-Shirt! By wearing the T-shirt you will become one of the 'Never Give Up' team. You will be raising awareness of our campaign. You could help by telling others what the your Never Give Up T-Shirt is all about. Never be afraid to say the word suicide. You may save the life of a person you never even met. Free badges are also available.

'Never Give Up' Rocks

A stone with the words never give up painted on it

How can we save the life of someone we have never met? How can we spread the word? How about we leave rock all over the place with a link to a facebook page which offers support to people at risk. How easy is that for you to help? Want to make a Never Give Up Rock? Get in touch

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